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Active Protocols as Lead Node

CTN-0146: A Cohort Study of Pain, Psychological, and Drug Use Outcomes of Adolescents After Major Surgery

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH (Lead Investigator)

Joseph Cravero, MD (Co-Lead Investigator) 

NEC Study Team Members

Elissa Weitzman, ScD, MSc (Co-I)

CTN-0145: High vs Standard Buprenorphine ED Initiation

Kathryn Hawk, MD, MHS (Lead Investigator)

Andrew Herring , MD (Lead Investigator) 

affiliation Pacific Northwest Node 

Gail D'Onofrio, MD, MS (Lead Investigator) 

NEC Study Team Members

Marek Chawarski, PhD (Co-I)

David Fiellin, MD (Lead Investigator)
Paul Joudrey, MD, MPH (Co-Lead Investigator)
affiliation Appalachian Node 
NEC Study Team Members
Marek Chawarski, PhD (Co-I)
Ryan McNeil, PhD (Co-I)
Jeanette Tetrault, MD (Co-I)
Zoe Weinstein, MD, MD (Co-I)


Kathryn McHugh, PhD (Lead Investigator)
Kathryn Hefnew, PhD (Lead Investigator)
affiliation Emmes
Rebecca Ottesen (Lead Investigator)
affiliation Emmes
Matisyahu Shulman, MD (Lead Investigator)
affiliation Emmes


Lead Node: New York
Roger Weiss, MD (Lead Investigator)
Edward V. Nunes, Jr., MD (Lead Investigator)
affiliation New York Node 
John Rotrosen, MD (Lead Investigator)
affiliation New York Node

Node Participation

R. Kathryn McHugh, PhD (Study Team Co-I)
Genie L. Bailey, MD (Site PI)
John Hamilton, LMFT, LADC (Site PI)
Natalie Lender, MD (Site PI)
Scott Provost, MSW, MM
(Senior Project Manager)

Gail D’Onofrio, MD, MS (Lead Investigator) 
David Fiellin, MD (Lead Investigator)
NEC Study Team Members

James Dziura, MD, MHS (Co-I)
E. Jennifer Edelman, MD, MHS (Co-I)
​Kathryn Hawk, MD, MHS (Co-I) 
Michael Pantalon, PhD (Co-I)

NEC as an Active Participating Node          Lead Node(s)


CTN-0144 Better Together: Integrating MOUD in African American Community Settings

Richard Schottenfeld, MD (Lead Investigator)

affiliated Howard University

NEC Study Team Members

David Fiellin, MD (Co-I)

Marek Chawarski, PhD (Co-I)

Florida Node
José Szapocznik, PhD 

Great Lakes Node 
Niranjan Karnik, MD, PhD

Ohio Valley
Kathy Burlew, PhD

New York
Sarah Mennenga, PhD

NEC Study Team Members

Angela Haeny, PhD (Co-I)

Carolyn Sartor, PhD (Co-I)

Shelly Greenfield, MD, MPH Co-I)

R. Kathryn McHugh, PhD (Co-I)


Lisa Marsch, PhD 

NEC Study Team Members
David Fiellin, MD (Study Co-Lead Investigator)

New York
A. Robin Williams, MD, MBE

NEC Study Team Members

Lynn Madden, PhD, MPA (Site Investigator)

Gavin Bart, MD, PHD

Western States
Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH

NEC Study Team Members
Kara Magane, MS (Study Co-I)

Jennifer Edelman, MD, MHS (Site PI)
Sara Wakeman, MD (Site PI)

Zoe Weinstein, MD, MS (Site PI)


Ohio Valley
T. John Winhusen, PhD

NEC Study Team Members

Shelly Greenfield , MD, MPH (Node PI) 

Davida Schiff, MD (Site PI)

Elisha Wachman, MD (Site PI)

NEC Node Supplements

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